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Jewelry Trends Fall 2018

When it comes to jewelry trends 2018, the latest styles are bold, daring, and uncompromising. This year is all about letting your jewelry stand out. It's about making a strong, decisive statement.


pearls trends fall 2018



Okay, so this trend never really goes away. Pearls are a timeless symbol of beauty, and that's not changing anytime soon. You can get away with wearing them often and obviously when it comes to 2018 jewelry trends.


pearl jewelry set

Use them to embellish your neck, wrists, fingers, and ears. They can be large and sassy or small and classic. Why not mix them while you're at it?

Again, the most important thing is showcasing your unique personality.

 pearl bracelet


Whether it be on engagement rings, earrings, or tennis bracelets, colored gemstones are having a major moment in the jewelry world. There are already so many pleasant surprises in the ways designers are treating the gems, making the coloring stand out more than ever.


Dainty layering pieces are a jewelry trend we expect to have a long shelf life, but this fall, there is definitely a shift in the market, as designers are creating chunkier chains that make a bit more of a statement.



Enamel is an easy-to-wear and extremely fun jewelry trend we can't wait to start stocking up on come fall. Basically, enamel is breathing new life into more traditional fine jewelry pieces including everything from bracelets to hoops.





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